Recorded history begins with Chaos. Ignorance and self-preservation made enemies of peace, and there was war. There was blood and there was bitterness and there was destruction. And when the dust finally settled, those who were tired of fighting chose to find new purpose. The Era of steam would follow; the Era of progress and innovation. This is the Era into which you have been born.

The world is not perfect, however. Oppression comes in the form of extortion and political espionage. The City where you have lived and worked since you were born is called Brasstown, and above floats the Spire, the realm of the Sidhe. Since the Sidhe appeared over the horizon and eclipsed the City, the people living and working in Brasstown have dropped into poverty as the Sidhe’s ‘commerce’ has siphon much of the wealth out of Brasstown and into the Spire.

Things only got worse from there. As the people became more impoverished, they began to rely on the support of the Sidhe. The Sidhe now control many aspects of every day life, not through force or presence, but because they own most factories and plants that the town prospers through.

The tension hit a crescendo when A Sidhe Regent was killed by a man who would come to be known as the leader of Rogue Iron, Night Crowley. Rogue Iron, a Radical Rebel group was formed shortly after the incident and began interrupting the commerce between the Sidhe and Brasstown, in an attempt to give Brasstown it’s financial freedom again. The Sidhe response to the rebels was not what they expected. As punishment, the Sidhe established martial law, claiming the rebels were a threat to all Brasstown’s citizenry. The military presence on the street is light, but the real reason for the martial law is murder. On a monthly basis, the Sidhe claim evidence against innocent civilians and hold public executions of the ‘Iron Vermin’. This slaughter of innocent life has only intensified the people’s hatred of Rogue Iron, and strengthened the group’s resolve against the Sidhe.

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Rogue Iron

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